Free us from GAFA: Oasis Network, to (re) conquer our privacy!

Supported by an internationally renowned team, Oasis Network responds to an identified and crucial issue. At the dawn of a centered internet economy, the ambitious goal of giving power back to individuals over their data has convinced a large community of developers, but also major players in the crypto economy.

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The recovery of personal data

At the start of 2021, it seemed important to us to briefly review the fundamentals and the smooth course of this major project. Indeed, it pushes back the limits of the management of personal data , and seems destined for a bright future.

“If it’s free, you are the product” … At the start of this 21st century, data has become a real gold mine for many web players, not hesitating to monetize our information, most often to our knowledge .

Blockchain data

This colossal multi-billion dollar market is thus completely beyond the control of its beneficiaries, and the various scandals linked to data theft or their malicious use highlight real gaps in terms of transparency and security.

Oasis Network offers a solution to the entire “data” ecosystem. The protocol makes it possible to give back to customers the sovereignty of their information, by granting them a completely anonymous, secure and exploitable environment. This resumption of control is carried out within a framework where the rules are fixed in advance, accepted by all the parties, and this in full transparency.

To summarize, Oasis Network allows everyone to freely choose , with full knowledge of the facts, the information they agree to share, with whom, at what price and for how long.

A creative professional sphere

The technology developed by Oasis Network is not only intended for individuals . Companies in a position to collect information will also be able to legally assert their good practices in terms of data processing. To do this, they needed a tool capable of handling a large amount of data.

Oasis Network is based on a technology developed for the creators of dApps, which it has named “paratimes” . These private and autonomous bodies allow the implementation of smart contracts, communicating their results via blockchain technology. This results in greater scalability, confidentiality, and fluidity on the network since the “greedy” instances will not delay the lighter ones.